Build your own stand

If you build your own stand you only pay for the surface area plus the costs of any extra provisions you may wish to order such as carpet, electricity or rigging. To order this you can login to your administration page.

  • minimum size of an island stand: 36m²
  • minimum size of a head stand: 3x6 meter
  • minimum size of a corner stand: 3x3 meter

Corner stand

The number of corner stands is limited. In case of registration after November 15th we can't guarantee it anymore. 

Stand design

We would appreciate it if you submit your stand design to us before December 19th.


Goods such as carpets, electricity or rigging you can order via 'My events'.

Building height stands

Hall 1:
No more than 8.00 meters, except for the 'no rigging zones' indicated on the floor plan.