Stand furnishings


Complete your stand. Log in and order all your furniture and other furnishing supplies online such as like:

  • counters & bar stools (lockable or not, colors black or white)
  • tables (standing tables, coffee tables square, rectangular etc.)
  • chairs
  • tv screens (with or without base in different sizes)
  • video walls
  • brochure racks

You have purchased uniform or standard stand construction

Furniture is not included in the standard stand package. You may choose to take your own along or order it from our preferred supplier.

You participate in a collective pavilion

A wooden desk is standard, as is one chair. You can of course order additional items such as a brochure rack or an extra chair.

Unfortunately, there is no room for larger furniture, such as a counter or standing table.

You have your own stand construction

You can of course order the items offered by us. All articles are clearly arranged together with your registration.