Concept of the fair Fiets en Wandelbeurs

Concept of the "Fiets en Wandelbeurs"

Tailor-made information

The "Fiets en Wandelbeurs" offers a concept of walking and cycling as a combination. It creates an ideal platform to offer your equipment, activities, services and information to a large and interested public. The information on offer should meet the needs of the public.

  • Tailor-made
  • Focused on what the visitor is looking for
  • Presented thematic and well-organized
  • Accessible and user-friendly
  • In a relaxed atmosphere

Walking and cycling

The concept has turned out for the best, as the surveys of previous years have shown. So it is considered very important that the presence of both activities is in balance at the "Fiets en Wandelbeurs". This will be visible in:

  • The products and items on offer
  • The program of lectures and workshops

Nevertheless it is a clear that a couple of bicycles need more floor space to show than a couple of pairs of hiking boots, that workshops such as bicycle technique and repairs have no counterparts in walking and that the bicycle track for testing need quite a lot of square meters. So the area for bicycle products will be significantly larger than the area for specific walking products.

Visitors profile

The target audience attending the "Fiets en Wandelbeurs" consists of people:

  • with a good to higher education
  • a reasonable income
  • who want to set out well-prepared and are willing to spend quite a bit to do so
  • of all age groups, but there is a clear emphasis on more mature people (40+ and 50+)
  • couples with children for cycling or walking holidays

Crying need for information

People can find a great deal of the information on the Internet, but in many cases this is still not enough. Furthermore, there is a need for direct personal contact. People want to ask questions and get an answer from an expert immediately.

  • people want information on holidays, destinations
  • facilities at these destinations
  • walking and cycling routes

Beside that they want:

  • to attend interesting lectures
  • attend workshops that meet their needs
  • to meet with other hikers and cyclists who can give them first-hand straightforward information

Moreover they want reliable information on materials like:

  • bicycles and accessories and want to try these out on the spot
  • hiking boots
  • outdoor clothing
  • camping equipment and other outdoor accessories
  • books and maps

Through the eyes of the public

We organise the "Fiets en Wandelbeurs" around the requirements of the public. The range of stands on offer will be as comprehensive as possible. Keywords describing the character and the atmosphere of the event and thus also of the stands include:

  • perception
  • leisure
  • holiday feeling

Presentations and workshops important driving force

Visitors are being inspired by the lectures. After following these, they will visit the exhibition with fresh ideas about bicycles, matching accessories, rambling and camping equipment, as well as travel and holiday information that suits their needs.

As an exhibitor you must to be prepared to this by participation in the enthusiasm of the visitors and encourage them by appropriate design of your stand and a good crew.