How can you get access to the fair during construction, exhibition days and dismantling? You can download all your participant tickets and other admission tickets via 'My events'.

Participants tickets

Your participant package includes Participant cards for your employees on the Fair's floor. The number varies and depends on the size of your stand.

Do you participate in a collective pavilion, you will receive 2 free participant tickets.

All other participants will receive 4 participant tickets. For each 10 m2 of stand space, you'll receive one extra ticket.

Do you need more tickets?

  • Extra participant tickets cost € 8.50* per ticket 
  • Too many ordered tickets cannot be returned

Invitation tickets

Your participant package contains Invitation cards for your (business) relations. These Invitation Cards will not be charged after use. The number varies and depends on the size of your stand.

Do you think you need more Invitation tickets? Then you can order them.

  • Invitation tickets cost € 2.00* each
  • For used cards we charge € 5.50* extra afterwards.

Unused cards cannot be returned.

Stand building tickets

Stand building tickets are necessary for employees and stand builders that are present only during construction and / or dismantling. Immediately after arrival you exchange them for wristbands.


  • Thursday and Friday before the fair, the whole day
  • Sunday after the fair from 5 pm

You can download stand building tickets after login to 'My events'. After selecting your registration you will find the option "construction passes". There you can enter the desired amount of stand building tickets and download them. 

* all prices are exclusive of VAT