Bicycle Test Track

Bicycle Test Tracks

Let the public try out your bicycles, trailers and other material.


You can enrol for this part at registration. 

If necessary, we will impose a limit on the maximum number of bicycles per exhibitor.


Material can be delivered until one hour before opening time, at the latest. Pick up bicycle bands at the organization room. You only attach these to the bicycles when you leave the complex after the ending of the fair. This is to prevent theft.


There is supervision at the test track. We will do our very best to ensure that testing the bicycles and other equipment is done in an orderly manner. While we do our utmost to ensure an orderly event, we can't accept any liability for damage or theft.

Lay out

There are two different test tracks:

  • general (bicycle / e-bike)
  • childrens

The general test track is about 1.5 km long and is shared with the E-Bike Challenge.

Distribution points

Your own distribution point

If you would like to inform the public on the spot and hand over bicycles yourself then you can reserve your own distribution point. You can put up your own tent or stand and place advertising messages.

Dimensions are 3x3 metres

General distribution point

All bicycles that have been registered in the normal way will be offered to the public from this distribution point.


Tandems have their own distribution point. Members of the tandem club will be on hand to answer questions from the public knowledgeably.