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Online conference: 19-20 January


Time for a route party!


Last week, ‘Visit Zuid-Limburg’ published a Press release about the Beekdaelen Cycle Route. Statistics from RouteYou showed that this was the most popular cycling route of 2021 on their platform. Bingo for the route manager! The champagne was on ice and ready to pop it seems, but parties are a bit difficult to plan these days. 

routeyou platform

It is of course the dream result for every organisation concerned with cycling routes. Generating so much exposure that many cyclists will actually be attracted to ride a given route. The route signposts have been placed to serve a purpose and bring a return. And as is so often apparent from market research, these cyclists will be ordering coffee and apple tart along the way, often spending the night in rented accommodation. Bringing trade to the benefit of local businesses and entrepreneurs. Turning the economic wheels with cycling tourism.

Promotion is a challenge

Having your own route site is and will remain important for promotion. But it can be hard to get noticed in an ocean of websites. Even if you follow SEO-regulations meticulously, it remains challenging not to sink away midst the vast number on offer. Digital platforms can contribute to the essential business of promotion. They generally have not just thousands, but millions of visitors per year. So how do you tackle something like this? 

What gives you the best chance of creating a sparkling route party in the near future?

Pascal Brackman, managing partner of RouteYou, will explain all, in the forthcoming online IBTC. 

Thursday 20 January 

Promotion of tourism via digital route platforms

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With about four keynotes per day by professionals from all over Europe and about four Round Table Sessions per day, this third edition of the IBTC will once again be presenting a comprehensive programme of contents for everyone engaged in Bicycle Tourism on a professional basis. 

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