Fiets en Wandelbeurs

The "Fiets en Wandelbeurs" Fairs in the Netherlands and Belgium are unique happenings, where visitors are focussed on finding information, routes, destinations, outdoor equipment or the bicycle they have been dreaming of.

With 45,000 enthusiastic visitors, it is the world's largest Fair for recreational cyclists and hikers.

February events cannot take place

The Corona pandemic has had major consequences for our Fairs. Unfortunately we are obliged to cancel the coming Fiets en Wandelbeurs at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht (25-26 February 2022). In view of the fact that we have no other options for holding the fair at another time in spring the Fiets en Wandelbeurs will also be rescheduled for 2023. Similarly, the E-bike Xperience which was planned to take place at the same time will be put forward. 

After the tightening of the regulations in Belgium were made known December 22, we also see no possibility of holding the planned Fiets en Wandelbeurs and E-bike Challenge in Flanders Expo Ghent on the 19th and 20th of February. Our fairs are indoor events where visitors are invited to attend and to participate in many activities. Clearly, we do not comply with the health regulations required by the government for these activities, so consequently these Fairs will also be moved. 

We hope that in the spring of 2023 it will once again be possible to organise these events. We will inform you of the dates as soon as we can.

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