Top edition in 2023

With a total of 26,594 visitors, the Fiets en Wandelbeurs and E-bike Xperience have had an extremely successful edition. Cycling and walking are more popular than ever, was the conclusion after three beautiful days at the fair.

After three years of absence due to corona, the events turned out to be back on stage. Many cyclists and walkers were eager to experience another edition. That resulted in busy aisles and exhibitors who didn't have time to take a break because of the barrage of questions that were being fired at them.

The Djoser stand was also almost stormed by visitors

Destinations, stands with outdoor equipment, the information markets where volunteers gave advice: they were all well attended without exception. Exhibitors also noticed that quite a few newcomers came to the events, people who had never been on a cycling or walking holiday.

the Germany stand at the Fiets en Wandelbeurs

Theme country Germany

Theme country Germany presented itself at the Fiets en Wandelbeurs with large screens. Germany was in the spotlight all weekend. In the Germany stand you could fly with VR glasses over the most beautiful nature reserves in Germany. There were also three days of lectures about cycling and walking in Germany in a separate Germany Room.

Video impression

Take a look at the 'aftermovie' edition 2023.

Photo impression 2023

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