Top edition Fiets en Wandelbeurs 2023

After three years of absence, the Fiets en Wandelbeurs and E-bike Challenge enjoyed a top edition in Flanders Expo in Ghent. 15,266 tickets were scanned at the entrance, bringing visitor numbers back to pre-corona levels.

Busy aisles, well-attended lecture halls, exhibitors who had gone through their brochures after just one day and had no time to eat because of the many questions that were fired at them. The conclusion after two days of the fair was that the Fiets en Wandelbeurs and E-bike Challenge are back on stage. Exhibitors noticed that relatively many newcomers came to their stand; people who had not been on a cycling and walking holiday before. An indication that the events also attract a new audience that has only recently discovered cycling and walking.

Ook de outdoorstands werden goed bezocht

Theme country Germany

Germany was in the spotlight as the theme country of the Fiets en Wandelbeurs. With the aid of large screens, the country presented itself to the public, who could, among other things, fly virtually over the most beautiful nature reserves of our eastern neighbours. Especially on the first day, the Germany stand was stormed by enthusiastic cyclists and walkers looking for information. Germany also had a separate room with lectures, which were well attended.

Bakfietsen op het fietsparcours

Test rides on the test track

Part of Hall 1 of Flanders Expo was reserved for the large bicycle/e-bike course of E-bike Challenge. A unique setting for indoor cycling events in Belgium; you will not find this anywhere else in the country. Visitors could try out the latest e-bikes, speed pedelecs and cargo bikes/bakfietsen from dozens of brands to their heart's content. They made many thousands of test rides and had plenty of room to compare e-bikes and speed pedelecs.

Jonathan Van Nieulande in de workshopruimte van Grote Routepaden/KBF

Popular lectures

Many lectures were well attended. Including the presentations by Reen Simoen from RouteYou, cycling in Germany by Ronny Van Hee, cycling in Wallonia by Kristien Hansebout, the Olavspad by Gea van Veen, cycling from Alaska to Patagonia by Jonathan Van Nieuland and long distance hiking trails in the UK by Tom Langmans attracted a large audience.

Video impression

Photo impression

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