Transporting goods to Jaarbeurs

Parcels and other goods

DB Schenker in Utrecht can arrange the transport of parcels and other goods to Jaarbeurs for you. Please contact the firm at .

You will then receive an order form. DB Schenker stores the goods in its warehouse and/or brings them to your stand during construction or during exhibition days.

You pay a rate of € 30.25 for the receipt, registration, storage and transport to the stand of packages up to a maximum of 23 kilos.
Other rates are available on request.

Delivering stand materials

Additional information will follow.


Do you want to park longer than the allowed time, you need to pay your ticket.

NOTE: There should be no trucks or disconnected trailers left on the parking lot. These will be removed and the cost will be passed on them.

Parking of trucks at exhibition days, at the following locations:

  • the Vlampijpstraat Tractieweg and Gietijzerstraat at business park Cartesiusweg
  • business park Lage Weide
  • business park Kanaleneiland-Zuid  

Parking of passenger cars

Parking tickets you order at Jaarbeurs Webshop. You will get a link and login after registration. There are two options:

  • a subscription to drive on and off the parking several times a day
  • a single use parking ticket


Only if necessary you can enter the halls by car until Wednesday 18:00 hrs. Then the doors close. After this time delivery of goods is only possible through one entrance.

On Friday and Saturday, the entrance of one hall is open from 8:00 to 10:00 hrs.



Are you an exhibitor, manning your own stand or planning to use your car or van for transport once you’ve taken down your stand? Then you should park up on the Jaarbeurs terrain in the morning and buy an exit ticket at the machine. On display of your exhibitors’ badge you will gain access to the loading and unloading area. Use your exit ticket to drive out of the parking place.

Stand builders, HGV trucks and suppliers

Stand builders, haulage companies, suppliers and heavy goods vehicles must first report to Europalaan 32. This will be possible from 15:00 hrs. The parking area is right next to the Jaarbeurs itself, simply follow the signs or use the SatNav address (postal code): Europalaan 32, 3526 KS Utrecht.

As soon as the large transport doors are open (1 hour after the end of the Fair) the freight vehicles will be fed in gradually to the halls. Parking on the public highway, or waiting on them until allowed into the parking zone is prohibited. The public highway must be kept clear at all times. 


3521 AL Utrecht 
the Netherlands

telephone: +31 (0)30 295 59 11

Environmental zone

Jaarbeurs is located in the center of Utrecht where there is an environmental zone for older cars and trucks on diesel. You might encounter problems to get access to the complex. Want to know more? Send an e-mail to  or make a written request.