Promotion of the event

How we recruit cyclists and non-cyclists to attend the E-bike Challenge Minneapolis

As a vendor you will have ample opportunity to interact with the event guests. Current cyclists will be attracted to the event to learn how the new e-bikes let them commute farther distances throughout the year, plus cycling for errands and appointments. Our focus is on the e-bike and outdoor branche. 

Promotion channels

At the E-bike Challenge Minneapolis, we will target potential customers through established relationships and partnerships with:

  • Local, regional, and state public relations.
  • Local bike shops in Minnesota.
  • Cycling industry in Minnesota.
  • Cycling associations, organizations, and alliances throughout Minnesota.
  • Outdoor and travel associations, organizations, and alliances throughout Minnesota.
  • Chambers of commerce and direct-marketing organizations throughout Minnesota.
  • Social-media-content featuring the benefits of e-bikes and outdoor activities. 
  • Paid social media posts targeting customers in Minnesota.
  • Online advertising targeting customers in Minnesota.
  • TV and Radio channels throughout Minnesota.
  • Traditional, point-of-purchase print advertising where our target customers already interact with their communities.

Non-cyclists will discover that e-bikes allow those who haven’t been active, to be active again. Picture different generations riding together as families and people taking action toward better health.

Have a look at our infographic to find out more details about our Marketing plan.