building up e-bike challenge

Building up and dismantling

Building up

Exhibitors building their own personal booths can do so on the Friday prior to the fair from 08:00 am onwards.

Exhibitors opting for our standard booths can fit out their booths on the Friday prior to the fair from 12:00 pm onwards. The construction of the booth must be ready by Friday at 09:00 pm, unless otherwise agreed with the organizer.


Dismantling of the booths starts on Sunday after 05:30 pm. From 07:00 pm vehicles may enter the exhibition halls and the actual breaking down of the booths can start.

At 11:00 pm the halls have to be handed over empty. If participants use standard booth building, the booth has to be cleared out completely before Sunday 07:00 pm. Dismantling of personal booths must have started before 09:00 pm. After this time, the organizer is entitled to dismantle the booth in question.

If a booth is not dismantled, or left in the original condition, in time, the participant will be liable to pay the extra costs.

Safety rules

During the construction and dismantling safety rules apply. The wearing of safety shoes and hardhats are mandatory at the times indicated. Basically this is prior to Friday 12:00 pm and after Sunday 07:00 pm.