New edition E-bike Challenge in 2023

The E-bike Challenge returns to Minneapolis on March 11 and 12, 2023. For two days, consumers can test e-bikes from dozens of brands and bike shops at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

The 2022 edition of E-bike Challenge managed to reach a target audience that has been out of reach in the bicycle industry in the past. Most of the attendees had not been in a bicycle shop for many years. Almost half of the attendees (42%) had never ridden on an electric-assist bicycle before.

Latest e-bikes

For the E-bike Challenge, the event in March 2023 offers our exhibitors a chance to showcase their latest e-bikes as the electric vehicle technology evolves. E-bikes were once considered a form of transportation for those not fit enough to ride a bicycle anymore. But nowadays the e-bike is much more versatile. E-bikes are an appealing means to reach out for challenging goals: make cities livable again, go for a bike ride and have fun with the whole family, go outdoors and improve health and well being.

Indoor Test Track

The large Test Track is an essential part of E-bike Challenge. Modern technology has made for complex, sophisticated products and e-bikes are relatively expensive. Before they buy, customers want to see and experience how it feels to ride an e-bike. With an attractive booth right alongside our indoor test track the brands have direct access, and can invite consumers to try their demo bikes.

Living Green and Outdoor

Combined with the Challenge, is the Living Green and Outdoor area. The e-bikes at E-bike Challenge are a very important part of this combination, but a large number of attendees are also attracted to this area. According to our survey 74% of the attendees uses a bike for travel. Travel and outdoor activities are fun, entertaining, inspiring, and an adventure. Considering an e-bike is one thing. To see and hear everything you can do with an e-bike, makes it irresistible to buy one.

Event for Bike Shops

We have booth space in the hall center for the bike shops across the brand booths. In these non-track booth spaces, the bike shops can show any bike they carry, and other gear they would like to sell. Bike shops can buy a bike pass for the test track, if they want to give an attendee the opportunity to test a specific bike. This is the perfect way to sell your e-bikes directly to your target group or get consumers to know your bike shop.