visitor e-bike challenge

E-bike Challenge is back on stage

Edition 2022

Three years on from the last edition of the E-bike Challenge in Minneapolis, the event was finally able to go ahead again in the Convention Center of that city on 2 & 3 April 2022. Fortunately, the Minnesotans had not forgotten the Challenge during the Covid lock-down years. The event was well attended and exhibitors and visitors were satisfied with the 'Challenge 2022'.

Unique test event

The event is unique in the US. Nowhere else in the States can you try out so many different models of e-bike suppliers, test and compare them in an indoor setting. The E-bike Challenge claim that they know how to reach an audience that neither the manufacturers nor the bicycle shops can reach. This was evident once again. No fewer than 42% of the visitors had never ridden an e-bike before. Many visitors indicated that they had not been in a bicycle shop for many years.

Cyclists on the E-bike test track E-bike Challenge

E-bike track

The large and safe bike track of the Challenge invites visitors to try riding an e-bike themselves. And this was done with great enthusiasm. Thousands of test rides were made, frequently by people who clearly had not ridden a bicycle for some time. Thanks to the electric back-up, there were no disappointments. Young, old, fit or with all kind of disabilities, there was an ideal electric bike available for everyone.

City bikes and cargo bikes

The most loved types of bikes by miles were the city bikes and similar models, which are suitable for recreational as well as for the daily commute between home and work. More than half of the test rides were made on these types of bikes. The Serial-1 by Harley Davidson, was the biggest draw. The cargo bikes drew a great deal of attention as well and were often selected for test rides. Despite the impact of the pandemic and supply shortage, there were enough models present for visitors to get orientated in the e-bike world.

The well attended lecture of Dorian Grilley

Presentations at the Challenge

As well as the test track and stands, the Challenge also provided a program of presentations on the exhibition floor. Dorian Grilley’s presentation for the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota drew a large audience. He talked comprehensively about the e-bike legislation and laws in Minnesota.

Outdoor and e-bikes

In our survey we asked if there was an interest in the outdoor and travel branche, and an overwhelming 90% said yes! In our first edition we presented already a few destinations in Europe and several bike tours through the US. This was a huge success and we have seen the demand grow in the outdoor branche in combination with the e-bike.