E-Bike Challenge exhibitor

E-bikes are a Challenge

A challenging indoor bicycle test track, an amazing selection of e-bikes, and every opportunity to try them out. That is the E-bike Challenge, the consumer event for everyone considering the purchase of an electric bike.

Outstanding presentation

The test track is the central element of the event. Your stand will border the test track directly and serve as a distribution point for your test bikes. Therefore visitors get their information at the stand and then try out the e-bike they are interested in right away. The ideal setting for you as an exhibitor and for the public.

An outstanding indoor test track

Throughout the exhibition hall with various test elements.

Booths border the test track

They serve as a distribution point for your bicycles.

Brands at the test track

Brands show their complete assortment of models.

Special retail packages

Special Bike Shop Packages are available for dealers. Booths are located in the hall center. Direct sales of e-bikes is allowed.


Our number one priority is to reach both cyclists, and cyclists-to-be. Through the use of strategic and target-audience focused messaging, we will bring in new e-bike customers to this event through our traditional, digital, and social toolbox. Through our public relations we will partner with statewide media, advocacy groups, bicycle industry and businesses, to ensure we reach and draw in the target audience who is ready to start being mobile through the power of an e-bike.

Cycling Fun & Adventure

Our Dutch Hike & Bike Xperience (Fiets en Wandelbeurs) is the largest event in the world for Cycling Tourism. It is our core business, and we are the experts in this field. E-bikes and tourism are a great combination. Tourism provides great added value to attendees and we'll incorporate this expertise within the exhibition hall. By creating a Minnesota-focused Hike & Bike Xperience with:

  • Tourism
  • Trekking
  • Mountain biking
  • Kids fun

Attendees will learn not only that they want to buy an e-bike, but also where they can cycle.