Standard stand

Designing, building and transporting large materials; we are happy to take that off your hands. You only have to take care of the decoration of the stand and you still have plenty of options to create your own image. The minimum uptake at E-bike Challenge with a stand without demo bikes near the large indoor cycle track is 9 m².

 standaard stand ebc

Standard stand in Flanders Expo

Characteristics of a standard stand:

  • we build the booth for you
  • the stand is 3 meters deep, the length is 3 meters or more
  • corner stands have two open sides
  • carpet tiles, color of your choice. The standard color is anthracite
  • modular walls of 100 cm wide and 250 cm high
  • standard color of the walls is black
  • pantry of 1 m² with lockable door and placed in a corner. Additional costs are charged for every extra square meter and for placement against a straight wall
  • frieze molding 25 cm high
  • display of company name and stand number in Helvetica font 7.5 cm high, maximum 20 characters
  • one set of spotlights per 4 m² with sufficient light output
  • stand cleaning before start of the event is included
  • furniture and floor space are not included in the price

Possibilities for decoration

You can use double-sided tape on the walls, not thumbtacks, screws and nails. Hanging wires can be attached with hooks at the top of the panels. Afterwards, you must leave the walls clean. Please remove adhesive tape and other materials.

Corner stand

The number of corner stands is limited. If you register after November 15, we can no longer guarantee it.


You can order additional facilities via 'My events', for example:

  • second frieze text, maximum 20 characters (only head and corner stands, stand number excluded), total costs € 60.00 
  • extra characters frieze text on top of the first 20 characters for the first or second frieze text: costs € 3.00 per character
  • your own logo on the frieze frame
  • other wall colors for the system walls
  • own electricity connection

There are many more possibilities that we cannot all list here. If you have any questions or wishes, please contact us.


Stand cleaning before the start of the event is included in the price. If you wish to order daily cleaning, you can do so via 'My events'.