E-bike Challenge handlebar

Prices involved for participants 2020


Participation from 100 sq. ft.
Prices in USD
Registration fee $ 50.00
Floor space (the minimum size is 200 sq. ft. along the test track, and 100 sq. ft. in the center of the hall) $ 11.00 per sq. ft.
Standard booths
(prices are excluding floor space and 8.025% MN tax)
Curtain Corner / In-line Booth 10' x 10' (minimum size) Ask for a quote
Curtain Corner / In-line Booth extra 10' x 10' Ask for a quote
Truss Booth Ask for a quote
Special Exhibitor Packages  
Bikeshop Package / In-line Booth 10’ x 20’ (minimum size) If you need a bigger pacakage, please contact us for the prices $ 1,795.00
Travel Package / In-line Booth 10’ x 20’ (minimum size) On request


Read also the General Conditions (pdf)