Map Minneapolis

The future is electric

Imagine if more Minneapolis residents had the ability to commute or to run an errand on a bicycle? Imagine if multiple generations of families all could cycle together? E-Bikes have the ability to change a city for the better.

The purpose of this event is to challenge the City of Minneapolis to become the Cycling City of the Future in the United States. To be the example for all of the United States, on how electric bicycles can positively impact a city through e-Bike mobility.

  • mobility for recreation
  • mobility for commuting
  • mobility for shopping

E-bikes are the transportation of the future!



Leading cycle destination

Minneapolis is a bicycle-friendly city. Together with St Paul it has a wonderful concentration of bicycle related industries and a strong bicycle infrastructure. With the advancement of e-Bikes, Minneapolis and St Paul will be the leading destination for cycling in the United States.