target group Hike & Bike Xperience

Meet 45,000 cyclists and hikers!

The 'Fiets en Wandelbeurs' - Hike and Bike Xperience - is the biggest Fair for cyclists and hikers in Europe and possibly the world. You can come into contact with a target group of 45,000 enthusiastic recreational cyclists and hikers, who are genuinely interested in cycling and walking holidays, routes, accommodations, bicycles and outdoor equipment.

Many exhibitors say that our visitors are the 'best and most pleasant audience' they encounter at any event.

Our visitor surveys show them to be seasoned cyclists and hikers who spend their free time actively. They are on the lookout for information, ask questions and expect an expert answer. Further on, they tend to be well educated and have time and means to make cycling and hiking trips, acquire outdoor equipment or to purchase a good quality bicycle.

Besides commercial exhibitors showing their products, the Fair also has an extensive program of lectures, workshops and information markets. A successful formula that has proven itself over the last fifteen years.

Fiets en Wandelbeurs the Netherlands

Fiets en Wandelbeurs Flanders (Hicle Outdoor)

Jaarbeurs Utrecht Flanders Expo
visitors 27,480 visitors 15,218
exhibitors ca. 507 exhibitors ca. 430
age 95% is 40+  age 88% is 40+ 


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